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IIESL has a wide opening for personnel of all levels in the fields of Engineering & Technology. Several thousands of its members are holding responsible positions in most development programmes locally and Internationally.

Incorporated Engineer

Internationally recognised category of Engineers in the field of Engineering & Technology, who effectively manage construction, operation, maintenance and project management functions of projects, by implementing appropriate technology.

Engineering Technology

IIESL represents Incorporated Engineers in the fields of Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Electronic, Telecommunication, Marine, Polymer, Textile, IT, Building Services, Clothing, Agriculture & Quantity Surveying.

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There are several paths available to becoming an Incorporated Engineer. The membership path elaborates the available routes. To download membership form >>Download Application


Incorporated Engineers are competent throughout their working life by virtue of their education, training and experience with combination of general & specialist engineering knowledge and understanding in appalling existing & emerging technology, maintaining & extending a sound theoretical approach in the application of technology in engineering practice. Incorporated Engineer in the local scenario apply appropriate theoretical and practical methods to design, develop, manufacture, construct, commission, operate, maintain, decommission and re-engineer processes, systems, services & products thus make their due contribution to industry, economy & society of our country.


Incorporated Engineers go on to serve in world leading companies & government organizations in other developed & developing countries, as their knowledge, abilities & experiences are recognized by employers. IIESL has overseas branches in Dubai UAE & Doha Qatar representing expatriate Incoprporated Engineers living and working in the Middle East.

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Who is An Incorporated Engineers?

Incorporated Engineers are specialists in the development and application of today’s technology, managing and maintaining applications of current and developing technology at the highest efficiency.

Welcome President's message

Eng. Chandrasiri Wanasinghe, President IIESL

It indeed is my pleasure to welcome the web viewers to website of Institute of Incorporated Engineers Sri Lanka as the President for the year 2016/2017.

The website of Institution of Incorporated Engineers Sri Lanka gives immense value to the media circulation in the Institution.  The website provides all the information related to the Institution and matters related to engineering as well.

The Institution of Incorporated Engineers in Sri Lanka is providing Engineering and Technological information, not only to its members scattered worldwide but also other users.

The Incorporated Engineer in the modern world plays a vital role in every aspect of Engineering and Technology.  The recognition of Incorporated Engineer is immortal globally and their caliber proves that the modern world needs them at any mode of creation.

I humbly request web users to surf the IIESL website and gather necessary information and knowledge.


Eng. Chandrasiri Wanasinghe


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  • 2017
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    2017-04-04 17:30:00
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    Ex. Secretary Phone: 011 288 7734
    2017-04-08 14:30:00
  • 2017
    P & M Meeting
    Ex. Secretary Phone: 011 288 7734
    2017-04-22 14:30:00

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