The engineering council act has been approved from the parliament.

Published date: 2017-04-22

The engineering council act no. 4 of 2017 has been approved from the parliament. The act was certified by the speaker of the parliament of Sri Lanka on 9th march 2017.

All the engineering practitioners practicing in Sri Lanka required to register under this engineering council act at. This includes the temporary registration of foreign engineers. If you are a member of IIESL or an interested person on engineering act, you may read the act in English, Sinhala or Tamil.  

If you wish to know more details or obtain a member ship of IIESL, please do not hesitate to contact 011 2887734, 071 7111103 & 077 6880941, email : iie@sltnet.lk


Engineering council act Sinhala

Engineering council act Tamil

Engineering council act English